Our songs ...

We often get asked why we sing the songs that we do,
and our answer is best illustrated by the words of a great song by songwriter Bob Zentz:

I wouldn’t sing ‘em if I didn’t like ‘em,
I wouldn’t like ‘em if I didn’t care.
I wouldn’t care if you didn’t listen,
but there’s a lot of good songs out there.
Some songs are just like the people I know,
some people like the songs I sing,
And I never sang a song that I didn’t love,
or no song that didn’t love me

A selection of our current set list:

Across the Great Divide - Kate Wolf
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy - Trad/M Gurnham
All My Loving - Lennon/McCartney
All my troubles - Katherine Fear
Caledonia - Dougie McLean
Carolina Pines - Kate Wolf
Down By The Dockyard Wall - Shep Wooley
Down Where The Drunkards Roll - Richard Thompson
Down in the mines - Merle Travis
Follow Me Home - Jonny Dyer
Four strong winds - Ian Tyson
Give yourself to love - Kate Wolf
Glory Train - Katherine Fear
Green Eyes - Kate Wolf
Hold on to me babe - Richard Farina
I'm gonna do it all - Karine Polwart
John Ball - Sidney Carter
Just as the tide was flowing - Trad (Arr M Gurnham)
Leaving Nancy - Eric Bogle
Making whoopie - Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn
My Donald - Owen Hand
My True Love - Adrian Mannering
My log cabin home in the sky - Incredible String Band
Not the Tennesee blues - Katherine Fear
Now I Am Going Home - Joyce Squire
Peaceful easy feeling - Jack Tempchin
Poor Daisy Bell - Katherine Fear
Rise Up Jock - Bob Pegg
Shine On - John Richards
Singing Land - Dougie MacClean
Summer before the war - Hugh Williams
Summerfly - Cheryl Wheeler
Summertime - George Gershwin
Telluride - David West/Cyrus Clark
The Blackleg Miner - Trad/M Gurnham
The Blue Cockade - Trad (Arr M Gurnham)
The Dutchman - Michael Peter Smith
The Last Christmas Needle - Gerry Colvin
The Miners Lifeguard - Trad/M Gurnham
The speed and the sound of loneliness - John Prine
Three foot seam - Trad/M Gurnham
Where have all the flowers gone - Pete Seeger/M Gurnham

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Here are a few of our songs recorded live at Bedworth Folk Club
(So they are a bit "warts and all" in places!)

  1. Over The Lancashire Hills
  2. The Dutchman
  3. Punch and Judy Man
  4. Summerfly
  5. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
  6. The Blackleg Miner
  7. The Miners Lifeguard
  8. Now I Am Going Home

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